CrossFit St. Louis is heading into the future with enthusiasm that parallels our appetite for adventure!

We are about 2 weeks from the construction completion of 7000 additional sq ft of competition and training floor.  On this floor will be a new 60 ft long rig with 12 squat stations, 12 wall ball targets, 6 dip stations and 52 pull-up stations.

In addition, we will have an additional men’s and women’s restroom, an updated desk area, 5000 sq ft of open floor and room for continued membership growth and community development.

We will also have chiropractic and physical therapy partners available.

What else will you soon see?
 – Expanded youth programs in dedicated space
 – Addition of “Foundations” class with an emphasis on movement efficacy
 – A winter Paleo Challenge
 – Added coaching
 – More class times

We will do this while continually upping our game with an expert coaching staff and support team.

We hope you are enjoying CrossFit St. Louis and plan to take this adventure with us. If you haven’t seen us yet, you should come in and visit us now!