St. Louis – CrossFit WOD


Front Squat (1×3)

In 15:00 build to a heavy triple for the day. Use the entire 15:00 to build if needed or look to hit your heavier set(s) around 10-12 minutes. If you have percentages to go off of, your starting point may look like this:

60% for 3

70% for 3

80% for 3

85% for 3



Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

25:00 Amrap

Sled Drag (Forward Walk)

45sec. Side Plank R

45sec. Side Plank L

*Chin Up HOLD (max hold)

20 DB Box Step Over

Chin Up hold: each round hold on as long as possible until you can no longer hold chin over bar. Some of you may need some band assistance and that’s fine! Otherwise, lay flat and use the rings for the hold.

Pick weights/box height you can push to stay unbroken throughout