So you are a “recreational – to – age group” triathlete. You want to get better, but you know that the local triathlon podium or Kona are not your goals. What do you need to do to train beyond what you get from CrossFit Endurance?

First, let’s start by reviewing the theory of CrossFit Endurance. Power and Strength are critical components of success in the endurance world, yet they are often overlooked. By working through CFE work, instead of pure, traditional LSD training, we decrease recovery time, reduce injury, promote preservation of lean tissue and create a more sustainable performance curve.

What am I saying?  You can go out and run 3 miles, Mon/Wed/Fri and do a graduating long Run on Saturday or Sunday and you can prepare for a marathon. It’s been proven a bazillion times over!

OR, you can train for much shorter time periods, doing a combination of interval, strength and time trail training (there’s no such thing as LSD in CFE), and you will achieve a faster marathon with quicker recovery, having lost less muscle mass (I’ll submit that you will lose NO muscle mass).  And by the way, variety being the spice of life, you will enjoy the entire training experience more!

How we will help you:

  1. We will develop meaningful CFE training for you on Mon/Thu that will focus on development of key muscle groups and the strength in those groups.
  2. We will provide recommended daily running or multi-sport training for you to follow leading up to the 2013 season
  3. We will have Saturday morning group runs, or bike/runs as the weather warms to encourage you through group activity
  4. We will have Sunday morning 7:00 a.m. swims with a focus on stroke development and swim efficiency

 Remember our 2013 Events that many of us will do as a group:

  • April – Go St. Louis Half Marathon
  • May – TriZou Triathlon – Columbia, MO
  • June – Innsbrook Quarter Ironman Triathlon – Innsbrook, MO
  • July – Racine Half Ironman Triathlon – Racine, WI

 See you at the box,