St. Louis – St. Louis Youth Fitness


ME Upper

700m row

Push Up Ladder!

2x 10-8-6-4-6-8-10

Overhead tricep stretch :15 sec each

Shoulder disconnect :15


Build to a One Rep Max Standing Shoulder Press (15 mins only)

3 Sets

7-8 Dumbbell Floor Press, with 1 sec pause (triceps on the deck) +

Max Rep, ring rows

5 Sets

7-10 Rolling Triceps, on slight incline +

No less than 50 Triceps push downs

4 Sets

(bar or light weight) can be used for either athlete

5 Bent Over Row

8 Romanian Dead Lift

8 Hang Clean High Pull

8 Standing Press (use a push press if needed to finish the set unbroken)


2 x 5:00 Rounds.

30 Alternating, one arm hang clean and press with one dumbbell (25/30)

10 Dips

Rest as needed between rounds.