I sometimes get the question what do I train for.

For me it consists of psychological and physical elements.

The psychological aspect is forming the habit of showing up daily to put in the work. To willingly chase some discomfort in a world where we are so accustomed to comfort and convenience. Trying to acquire those 1% gains that accumulate over time. Being grateful to be in position to physically be active and forge a healthy spirit through a healthy body and mind. Leading by action and walking the walk.

The physical side I break down in a 5-S approach:



It’s the number one quality that forms the base of performance and health. Weak things break and strength is never a weakness. It’s the building block for all physical capacities.


The ability to display your strength quickly. Rate of force development is crucial for power output. There’s a strong neurological aspect to speed/power and it’s something we lose as we age. Keeping our neurological signaling strong is beneficial for the brain and body.



In short, work capacity. How much work can you tolerate and positively recover from. The higher your stamina the better you can handle stress and stimuli. Doing something well once is not that hard, repeatedly performing on a high level requires stamina.


All things being equal a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle. The higher your lean muscle tissue in relation to bodyweight the better. The health benefits are well established. There is a fine line between having actual useable muscle, though also key is finding the balance where it serves your goals and does not hold you back.

5-Structural Integrity

The ability to hold up against external demands without breaking down. Structuring things in a way to minimize chance of injuries and promote performance with longevity in mind.

So what do you train for?

Written by: Cory Buerck