The joke goes something like this… “An athiest, a vegan and a CrossFitter walk into a bar. Do you know how we knew?” “No, how?” “Because within the first 2 minutes, they told everyone!” Hahaha.


As CrossFitters, we get accused all the time for mistaking enthusiasm for our “sport of fitness” with pure, blind monopolizing of conversation and bringing everything back to CrossFit. I hope that’s less true than perceptions would have it, but I suppose, especially for new enthusiasts, it happens more than not. There is something exciting about what we do and the emotional and physical benefits we derive. It’s just hard to stifle.

But when I think about CrossFit Community, talking about CrossFit does not define a great CrossFit Community. No, I choose to believe that we define a great community by what we give, not what we take away. And with that, I would like to give 3 recent examples of giving in our community that I hope define who we are at CrossFit St. Louis.

First, I would like to recognize our members at large, for coming together last Friday to play some games and raise money for our regionals team that will head to Minneapolis in two weeks. Not only does making regionals take a lot of physical preparation, but it takes a lot of financial commitment as well. Through last Friday’s event, members raised well over one thousand dollars to support the team. Many of the team, those that came don’t even know very well or at all, since they are frequently in separate competitor classes. But our members recognized the need and provided support.

Second, we should recognize the now constant flow of donations that come in the door weekly for the Revive Thrift Shop store of Mission St. Louis. That box is constantly full of donations that are being used to support people in our community and provide employment for others.

Finally, we have an intern presently that lives some 9 miles from the gym. When members found out he was RUNNING the 9 miles to work and home everyday, they decided to post a note on the white board: “If anyone has a bicycle they could donate to our intern, please let Todd know.” Within hours, I had 2 people come forward with offers of bicycles. Our intern’s commute is now much easier, particularly as the temperatures begin to rise.

So while people are rarely thanked, I would like to say cheers to OUR COMMUNITY for its support of others. Giving back is a noble endeavor, and one that our community demonstrates daily. Thank you.

A special thanks to those that came to the regionals benefit, to those that see that piece of furniture or the clothes their kids have outgrown and bring them in, and to Jeff Krenk and Matt Pyatt for giving those bicycles to our interns! Thanks also to St. Louis Bicycle Works through which Matt secured one of the bikes. St. Louis Bicycle works also supports Mission St. Louis’ kids programs by donating bikes to them.

This, yes this, defines a great CrossFit Community.

Back to work everyone! 3-2-1 Go!