With so many people coming through on-ramps, there will be set WOD classes where a second coach will be in the class to split off less experienced CrossFitters into a class where they can receive more individual focus.

You do NOT have to be new to seek out this help!  At times, you may want to be in this group, just because a specific movement is tough for you and you want extra work.

We would like for new members to take advantage of this “extra coaching” for at least their first three months.  This will help you to achieve “virtuosity” of movement more rapidly, as you are able to focus more specifically on mechanics and consistency in your movements.

The class WOD will be the same, and the rest of the class will also be integrated with the regular WOD class.  You will just benefit from eyes on you to assist you with technique refinement before we encourage you to start “loading up weight”!

 Megan Harris – First Place Rx Team at the 2013 St. Louis Affiliate Challenge

Specific classes we are going to begin with are:
 – Mon/Thu  5:30 a.m.
 – Mon-Fri   5:00 p.m.

See you in class!