Hey CrossFit St. Louis and CrossFit St. Louis West (ICE) Athletes!

We are excited to announce that we will be kicking off our use of Wodify, a simple and easy to use athlete performance tracking application designed specifically for our box.  We have been looking for a solution that will make performance tracking easier and help athletes take ownership of their performance. Lets give this performance tracking everything we have.

Logging results will not be optional.  When you arrive to class walk over to the wodify kiosk and sign in to class as you have been with MBO, or log-in prior to class via your mobile phone. Upon completion of your workout walk over to the kiosk and quickly report your results.  This performance history will stay with you and will make it easy to know your 1-rep max and gauge the weights you should be lifting and hopefully motivate you to work harder and strive to do the workout as prescribed. You will have your own personal account that you can access from anywhere.You should have received an email with your log-in credentials by now. If you have not received this, please email me ([email protected]). Log in and make sure your gender, program and contact information is correct. Update any performance history you may have in your journal.  Check out Wodify’s You Tube Channel or knowledgebase for helpful How-To documents on setting up your account and downloading the app on your phone.

We will be migrating accounts at the end of your current membership month. At that time, we will be able to create your membership in Wodify, with the first month prorated and you selecting your monthly renewal day if you like, a new feature.
A couple of other changes:
– 2x/wk & 3x/wk become 8x/mo and 12x/mo and will move to a true calendar month cycle
– For the time being, we will have to set up new accounts and make membership changes, Wodify does not yet have a member portal for this yet.
Overall, we believe you will be hysterically enthusiastic about the change as you see it in action and it helps you to track results. Our daily focus is the ever improving quality of services and coaching that we bring to you. Welcome to the next great thing at CF STL & CF STLW!




Let’s get to work