Many women are afraid to lift heavy weights. Weightlifting begs the question: “will lifting weights make me bulky?”. In truth, just the opposite is the case. Lifting has numerous benefits for every woman.

CrossFit St. Louis ClassThe women that you see get bulky are actual body builders. They are not your average woman who lifts as a part of their fitness program. These women go to great lengths to build muscle mass, and unless you train 3 hours a day and eat massive amounts of lean protein, and perhaps even some not so recommended “supplements” you aren’t going to look like them.

The impact of Testosterone

One of the most important things to remember when you are worrying about “bulking up” is that woman produce significantly less testosterone than men. According to Crossfit Threshold Training, woman produce 15 to 20 times less testosterone than men. This is what distinguishes women from men, our hormonal makeup, and this is how our body shapes are determined (or predetermined). This is not to say that women who want to bulk up don’t supplement choices that contain certain hormones that will add bulk, but that’s a choice one can make for themselves, and to each their own.

Ignore the Number on the Scale

Power CleanThe average woman can truly benefit from heavy lifting and weight training. Most woman have high body fat content and don’t recognize it.  Heavy lifting will tone your muscles and burn fat so that you look better, even though it won’t translate to lighter on the scale. Muscle being much denser than fat, ignore the number on the scale. You should really pay attention to how you look in the mirror and how your clothes are fitting. That is where the real answers are. After a few months of heavy lifting, you will notice your clothes are fitting better.

Increased Calorie Burn

CrossFit St. LouisHeavy lifting, produces a neuro-endocrine response in the brain that speeds your metabolism. Liken it to entering a haunted house and your senses become very awake. With lifting, your mind in essence says, “Wow! I don’t know what that was, but I’m going to stay ready in case is happens again!”.

The result: a metabolism boost that can last up to 24 hours, burning calories while you rest that normally would not be burned. You don’t get this response from a treadmill or exercise bike. Your body recognizes the end of the workout and within 15 minutes returns to your normal resting metabolism.

Keep in Mind How you are Fueling Your Body

You need to keep track of your calories and speak with a nutritionist about how many calories you should eat in a day based on your activity level, daily exercise, age, and other factors. No two women will have the same allotted calorie count for the day, and that’s okay, because we are all different in our own way. That’s what makes women so great!

Every Women is Different-and that’s the Beautiful Part!

CrossFit Row WODAs for being considered “bulky” this is a subjective term. Everyone sees women’s beauty in a different light! Every woman that lifts weights will be unique in how their body responds. This is due to factors such as genetics, body type, height, type and volume of lifting, etc. But there really isn’t a woman who looks worse because she does lift weights. The results really speak for themselves. With regular exercise that includes some lifting, women tone muscles, not build them.

As America gets more active, women are getting stronger. The benefits of lifting are truly remarkable. Lifting will boost your confidence, increase muscle mass (replacing fat), increase bone density and tone your body.