Having problems pulling under the bar?  Did you know if you have proper extension & pull, you’ll have the ability to pull under faster?  Check out Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion!  See below – this pic of last Wednesday night’s class.  We  learned a ton from setting up blocks!   We worked:  Jumping forward & swinging bar, pulling under, extension, tight core, lats back.  In addition, we examined and worked proper barbell warm up, pausing positions, #4 position (Snatch & Clean), video’s always sent after every class with an explanation of problem area’s.    Those that came re-discovered that the Jerk is a push against the bar after an initial explosion from the ground.  A push against the bar to enable a split second “drop beneath.” 

Next: Technical positions – start, lift off, at the knees are a complete other entity to deal with AFTER one learns how to have an excellent pull and FULL extension with ankles, hips and traps.    We cannot deal with all aspects of lifting at once!!! Let’s break it down and have some FUN while we do it.      Finding your problems is just the thing you need!!!!!!   Come check out OLY on Wednesday’s @ 6:30. 

Yours in lifting,
Kara Funk