At CrossFit St. Louis  our focus is fun.

Imagine enjoying your workout.

Busy schedule?

We'll deliver the best, always varied programming to achieve results for busy people like you.

First time?

Our coaches tailor each workout with movement options to meet you right where you are.


We all remember our first day - our CFSTL family will support and celebrate you through yours too!

 Just show up.  We’ll handle the rest. 

Walking through the door can feel intimidating.
Let our team guide you along the way - we are here to empower and build you up!

 At CrossFit St. Louis  you define your success.

Imagine yourself one year from now. How do you want to feel? Take the first step to make that future a reality.
  • Day 1: The first step
  • 1 week
  • Month 1
  • Month 3
  • Month 6
  • 1. The first step Image

    Day 1: The first step

    1. The first step

    You sign up for your Free Intro Session. You're nervous but excited. We take some time to get to know one another and share a 30 min workout. You're feeling proud and energized. 

  • 1 week Image

    1 week

    1 week

    After your first month, committing to 2-3x/wk, you start to notice you are sleeping better, have better focus during the work day, are more productive and begin to feel proud of the effort your are putting in.

  • 2. Notice some changes. Image

    Month 1

    2. Notice some changes.

    You've now got a routine down. You look forward to the gym. Learning, seeing your friends, and those you love are noticing changes too! You've got more energy and zest for life!

  • 3. Others notice a change. Image

    Month 3

    3. Others notice a change.

    You actually look forward to the gym. Your friends begin to notice you’re fitter and you have more energy for your family. 

  • Month 6 Image

    Month 6

    Month 6

    You are loving the life you are living. Feeling fit, energetic, focused, empowered. Your clothes fit better. You move with more ease. You are crushing your goals and are excited to set knew ones knowing you can succeed in this supportive community.

 Ready  to thrive? 

We are ready to help you get there no matter your age or ability level, CrossFit at its core is designed for all.


 Schedule your No Sweat Intro  

We'll get to know you and your goals.


 Learn the Basics 

Our Foundations program will meet you where you are and teach you how to move safely and effectively.


 Better than Yesterday 

Each week, you'll notice you'll start to feel better, more confident and that you have more energy to live the life you love!

 Don’t fall back  into that same old routine.

At CrossFit St. Louis we're all about walking with people who want to change. It won't always be easy but we know it will be worth it. It's time to choose a new path, one that will lead to long term, sustainable solutions preparing you to live long, happy, and pain free.