Savannah Johnson

Savannah Johnson


  • CrossFit L1
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  • Eastern Connecticut State University, B.S. Health & Physical Education


Savannah grew up playing a sport every season – soccer, basketball, indoor track or softball. Her young athletic involvement continued into her time at Eastern Connecticut State University while studying Health and Physical Education. As a 3-year track athlete, she went to New England championships in the 4×200 team and was and all-LEC in javelin. Before concluding her collegiate track career, she found CrossFit and watched every documentary and youtube video there was! Once out of school, she jump straight into CrossFit.
As SJ will tell you, “I have loved it ever since! I have always been competitive and am always trying to be better than I was the day before. It’s something that is entirely up to me and it’s exciting! It’s exciting for me too when you see others do something that they never thought that they could do before or do something they’ve been working so hard on.”
Savannah easily comes to life as a coach with her passion for teaching and coaching. This expands to youth too. She takes great pride in the opportunity to show, especially girls, that it’s okay to be strong. SJ loves that she can share how CrossFit is something they can do for the rest of their lives even after sports end.
Over the past 4 years, she’s competed in four CrossFit Opens; most recently making it to quarterfinals (2023). She enjoys competing and is proud of her 3/4 first place finishes and all the time and energy she’s put into attaining these results.
By day, SJ teaches middle and high school girls Physical Education and coaches basketball and track.

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